Choice of dressing for Garden, Chef, Mandarin Chicken and Chicken Grill Salad – Italian, Ranch, Low Calorie Ranch, Thousand Island, Creamy Poppyseed, Caesar, and Spicy Thai

Garden Salad

Lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, tomato, cucumber, cheese

Chef Salad

Our garden salad topped with turkey slices

Chicken Grill Salad

A sliced chicken breast on top of our garden salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

A sliced chicken breast, bacon bits, croutons and parmesan cheese on romaine lettuce with caesar dressing on the side

Mandarin Chicken Salad

Mandarin orange slices, chicken breast and sliced almonds on romaine lettuce

Taco Salad

Choice of beef or chicken. Romaine lettuce topped with tomato, green pepper, green onion, corn, black beans, with our taco ranch dressing, salsa and tortilla chips on the side